Lettuce scarves

Fashion branding brief:
Women’s scarf label Lettuce initially approached us to design a brochure for its 4th collection to help it become a more recognised brand and to develop a stronger presence in independent fashion retailers and department stores. We identified that there was so much more we could do to help to strengthen the brand and moved quickly to help the owners identify business goals and opportunities, developing the brand strategy and communication plan, art directing photo shoots, designing print and digital communications and working on copywriting tone of voice.

The process:
We started by facilitating, what we call a ‘brand bust’ with the client to create clear, focused goals
• Identification of core brand values and product personalities
• Analysis of the current and potential target market
• Devised a strategy on retailer and end customer engagement
• Advice on PR and marketing strategy
• Competitor analysis.

The strategic solution:
The client was keen to convey the brand was London-focused. Our concept was based around a Lettuce scarf being a metaphor for “a magical moment in the city” and we also recommended grouping the extensive collection into identifiable sub-brands with distinct personalities (Lyric, JuJu and Boho).

Art Direction:
We commissioned fashion photographer Sarah Cresswell to work with us to express our vision in the photo shoots, and cast models as the new face of the brand.

We developed a brief and tone of voice for copywriting and devised the USP strapline “Your Scarf. Your Scene”, reflecting the fact that London offers the opportunity to be who you want to be, embodied in the personalities of the Lettuce scarves.

Catalogue design and marketing materials:
A combination of upbeat and engaging words with a careful balance of mood setting and product shots, together with glowing customer testimonials all came together in our designs for brochures and all marketing, in-store and online tools.

The interim website we created opens with a moving image piece shot by us at the photo shoot and features full screen lifestyle images and product shots throughout.

Social Media:
We consulted on the creation of a Facebook page featuring competitions for fans to win scarves by tagging themselves on images, meaning that their friends would see the brand, and follow, thus increasing customer awareness. Retailers also actively engage with the site with frequent wall posts increasing the perceived value of the brand.

As part of this fashion branding project we continued to design all marketing and promotional materials including brochures, packaging and trade show stand design for two seasons a year for several years. Additionally the success of the Lettuce rebrand led to Form and HLA creating new brands together from the ground up including Penelope Pond women’s accessories, and White Sea women’s fashion.

Photography: Sarah Cresswell
Lettuce scarves fashion branding HLA London accessories fashion branding brochure Adrian Lisle women girl beauty

Lettuce testimonial 1

Customers love the new look and the added value the branding has created. We have quickly built greater brand loyalty and awareness.

Adrian lisle
Co-Founder, HLA/Lettuce

Lettuce Womens Fashion Scarves

Lettuce testimonial 2

Customers now feel they are buying into something special from other suppliers, which in turn gets communicated to their customers and helps them sell the product.

Adrian Lisle
Co-Founder, HLA/Lettuce

  • 35% increase in sales after rebrand with no other change in business model.
  • Greater brand loyalty from retailers
  • Wider geographic appeal including Australia and Europe
  • New retailers including, for the first time - department stores
  • Increased recognition by end consumer