In the early 1990’s founding partners Paul West and Paula Benson opened the London doors of graphic design and branding studio Form with two core philosophies: To create work we are proud of and to build real value for our clients through our thinking and particular approach to bold and recognisable design.

With a background in music, within a few years we had worked with most of the major and indie record companies within the UK. We evolved by taking our passion to a wider range of clients in other sectors whilst winning awards for our creativity and gaining international respect along the way.

Three decades later we remain just as enthusiastic about outstanding design and engaging communications – and the power they have to transform our clients’ products and services. We are problem solvers and ensure our work connects with the target audience by understanding our client’s goals and needs in an ever-changing market place.

Tap into our thinking.
Our experience is grounded in years of successful art direction and design collaborations within the worlds of music, media, TV/film, education, events/exhibitions and for design-led brands such as interiors and fashion, as well as clients from other sectors who want to tap into our thinking and apply that energy and freshness into other industries.

Why work with us?
We’re bombarded with messages in this busy world. We create visibility and standout branding which engages the audience through stories and 360-degree worlds. We’re not a fledgling design start-up, nor are we a corporate-minded ‘design-by-formula’ agency – we’re a cutting edge art direction and design team, backed up with effective project management skills. We see the bigger picture and pride ourselves in intelligent multi-lateral thinking. What’s more, we’re easy to get on with and love collaborating with clients; geniuses, mavericks and dreamers (plus the odd nightmare!) all keep us stimulated.

Our work makes a difference.
The value we bring to our clients has been proven by results: Changing audience perceptions, raising profiles, increasing recognition and growing sales. Read what our clients have to say in the testimonials featured with each project.

We now work on graphic design and branding projects from bases in London and Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Our website displays just a handful of the successful communications we have created for clients.

Contact us for a tailored PDF of case studies relevant to you.

Paula-Benson Paul-West of graphic design and branding studio Form


Our work and opinions have been featured and quoted (and misquoted) in hundreds of magazines and blogs.

Form Event Awards

From D&ADs and Design Week Awards, to Music Week and Event Awards, we’ve received several mantelpieces’ worth of trophies and certificates.


Our work has been showcased in a multitude of graphic design tomes.

TV and Radio interviews

From Radio 4 to Channel 4, from Mexican TV to Japanese online channels, we’re no strangers to having a camera in our faces to share our thoughts on design and culture.

Form Twenty One exhibition graphic design Paul West Paula Benson

Our work, particularly in music, has been featured in several exhibitions across Europe.

Paula Benson and Paul West of Form Design and Branding giving design talks and lectures
Talks and Lectures

We’ve travelled across UK, Europe, Japan and Mexico giving talks, lectures and workshops (including a Pecha Kucha in the founding location Superdeluxe, Tokyo) making new connections and gathering exciting projects as we go.


We loved researching and touring our talk “No More Heroes: The links between music and identity, and its impact on subculture from 50s Teddy Boys to 90s Girl Power”.

Paul West and Paula Benson of Form Design and Branding at Mexican design conference

Partners Paul and Paula are often asked to share their opinions and wide experience in debates on design in the UK and around the world.

Paul West and Paula Benson of Form Design and Branding giving workshops to design students

Our lively and hands-on workshops have been well received by many young designers around the world.

Paul West teaching design and branding at CEDIM in Mexico

We’ve been invited to teach many students and professionals on design over the years. Paul has developed a strong relationship with CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico where he teaches frequently.

Form design and branding representing Uk Design in Japan
Representing UK Design

The British Embassy invited us to represent UK Design in a series of events and exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan.


In 2012 we celebrated 21 years of our studio with an exhibition, book launch and week-long series of events.