InForm c/o L-13 Gallery, London.

When time allows, we invite experts in the fields of image making, design and production to talk us through what makes them tick, over a few drinks in our studio.

This month we ventured out of the studio and enjoyed a great trip to the “Light Industrial Workshop and Private Ladies and Gentlemen’s Club for Art, Leisure and the Disruptive Betterment of Culture”- an independent contemporary art space in Clerkenwell.

The Gallery represents a select group of artists including Billy Childish, Jimmy Cauty (ex KLF) and Jamie Reid (of Sex Pistols sleeve art fame) who constantly challenge contemporary art practice – often more ‘anti art’ than traditional fine art – the works in the gallery seek to ‘reinvigorate and subvert pre-conceived ways in which art is considered and produces, blurring the distinctions between art production and exhibition’.

Steve from the Gallery was on hand to talk us through some of the current works and give us a run down of who, what and why. And we were lucky enough to see some fresh woodcuts from the likes of Billy Childish and prints from Jimmy Cauty, as well as checking out the current exhibition by Neal Jones ‘New Paintings and Handmade Things’ which was on first look quite bewildering but once accepted as ‘impressively unimpressive’ (according to the press release), was positively interesting.

A delightfully weird and wonderful place that certainly challenges the nature of art and exhibition, I’ll leave you with 10 Top Reasons Why You Should Visit The L-13 by Huddie Hamper, aged 10

1. its better than standing around on cold rainy street, in your socks (nothing else) 
in sub zero tempritures
2. its better than sitting on the houre hand of big ben as it strikest 6’0clock
3. its better
than having your foot run over by a double decker buss
4. its better than having yourself thrown off the top of the london eye
5. its better than having your teeth drilled without anesthetic
6. its better than going the the L- friday the 13th gallery
7. its better than than falling into the medway thames with a bomb strapped to your back
8. its better than having your nose flatened by a tube train closing doors
9. its better than taking a visit to the tower of london and tripping over a rock
10. its better than eating hot wax

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