InForm: Design guru Liz Farrelly.

Last week, design writer/editor/event curator/shop owner/all round design guru Liz Farrelly was kind enough to drop into Form and give us some insight into the many aspects of her accomplished career.

Liz has worked for Blueprint, Eye, RotoVision, and is now editor-at-large of Étapes magazine (relaunching soon in a new format). Books she has worked on include “Business Cards: The art of saying hello” series, “Zines”, “Onehundred@360°: Graphic Design’s New Global Generation”, and a new book “Designers’ Identities” (featuring a few lovely spreads on Form’s identity). As well as writing, Liz help set up and curate “Pick Me Up”, the first contemporary graphic art fair in the UK which takes place at Somerset House, London.

  Liz’s talk prompted much discussion in the studio on the current state of design journalism and graphic design literature. We concluded that the industry needs more people like Liz who are eager to break the mould of the formulaic graphic design book and do something captivating and inspiring rather than tried and tested.