FaceTime research on face-to-face marketing.

How do you take some complicated results from an in-depth research study and bring it alive? 
FaceTime, the marketing body for the live events industry, asked us to create awareness and promotional materials around some enlightening new in-depth research to investigate the effectiveness of face-to-face marketing compared to social media, direct mail, websites, press advertising and TV. Entitled “A comparative media study of sales leads performance, key strengths and ROI” the resulting facts and stats revealed that – compared to other media – face-to-face marketing is more front-of-mind for the quality of targeting and the personal touch which leads to a strong association with ROI.
FaceTime asked us to translate this information into easy to digest, lively visuals in the form of an emailable info-graphic and an animation – no mean task! We created lively, friendly graphs which plot the different media and their ability to generate, persuade and convert sales leads, and peppered these with other illustrated stats. The animation takes the viewer on a short journey through the results which all reveal very good news of the events and exhibition industry.


FaceTime: The Business Generator from Form® on Vimeo.

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