EVENTS FOCUS #2.2: Lisa Gudge, Access All Areas, on WHAT’S IN STORE FOR THE EVENTS INDUSTRY in 2012?

With next year being the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee we asked some key players how the events industry will harness the feel good factor from these 2 benchmark events… Lisa Gudge, Access All Areas:
“It’s the year this industry has been waiting for, with wall to wall celebrations next summer, and suppliers of event infrastructure, equipment and services among those to benefit. There will be unprecedented demand throughout the supply chain, and companies have long been investing in order to respond to the requirements of extracurricular festivals and community events alongside their existing commitments. The tourism spend pouring into the capital and beyond will be a long awaited boom for our retail and hospitality industries, and for the UK event industry in particular, this time in the global spotlight is a welcome shop window for its world-leading creativity and expertise.”