Turning events into experiences…


‘Interactive’ and ‘experiential’ are words we hear a lot these days…
But our minds started working overtime on the possibilities for truly engaging interactive experiences after Nick Todd from Blondefish came to give us an ‘InForm’ presentation last week.

He talked us through some case studies which show how RFID technology such as interactive wristbands and mobile phones can be used at live events to engage with your audience in one easy tap. Visitors can collect/download interesting content, record their interest, vote on a competition, gain entry to attractions, post updates on social networks or even spend money by simply tapping their wristband on a kiosk.

This technology can also come alive with amazing benefits to organisers, visitors and exhibitors too with devices as simple as lanyards being used to track visitor movement from stand to stand whilst also allowing exhibitors an easy way to record and track lead information.

We started to get really excited when discussing how an experience or event can be amplified via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Linked In. Blondefish utilised this technology particularly well for Smirnoff at a sponsored club night at which guests received Wristbands which allowed them to ‘touch in’ at special photo points and upload information relating to the night, such as their favourite DJ or cocktail as well as photographs. This content was then ‘amplified’ through people sharing and liking the posts via Facebook, this spread to 1.5 million people!

If Likes and shares are the new currency for many big brands then Blondefish’s technology can certainly help them spread their message to the masses.