Double Whammy at the Design Museum today…

I’ve been meaning to pop along to the Hello My Name is Paul Smith exhibition since it opened at the Design Museum in November ‘13, but I’m glad I waited a little, as today I was able to combine it with the newly opened In The Making exhibition.

The Paul Smith exhibition is a lovely upbeat insight into the mind of the man, with:

– gallery walls showing off his personal collection of photos and paintings.
(I’ve always loved a mighty fine gallery wall as a way of displaying framed art and photos)image


– a recreation of his office:


– and studio:image

– a wall full of colourful buttons:image

-loved this knit jumper:image

– the famous Mini and a rug for The Rug Company both with his signature stripes:image


Great to see all his eclectic influences and a collection brought together to show off his graphic eye.

The exhibition is on until 9th March 14.

Upstairs, In the Making – curated by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby (a design duo I have long been fans of) highlights the beauty behind 24 objects in the midst of their production process. (The concept and format of the exhibition isn’t a million miles away from our own Form21 exhibition last year). The exhibits include:

– a die cut felt from tennis ball (this could almost be a Peter Saville record sleeve for OMD)

– the upper section of a football boot (reminds me of a yellow Stormtrooper helmet somehow):image

– a glass marble:image


– A Tip Ton chair:image

– and the cedar slats of a pencil:image

As the Design Museum website puts it: “The show gives a glimpse of the designers’ ongoing dialogue with the manufacturing process. This perspective is distinctive to their practice: throughout their careers, Edward and Jay have had a curiosity about the way things are made. These partially made objects give an insight into the design thinking that has driven this duo to such acclaimed success, including designing the London 2012 Olympic Torch, which went on to be awarded the Design Museum’s Design of the Year 2012. Their multidisciplinary approach challenges the boundaries of industrial design, architecture and art”.

And last but not least, some nice graphics to accompany it by Build:image

In The Making is on until 04 May 2014.