Book and brochure design

Well designed literature is an art: The balance of words, imagery, typography, grid, flow and pace in book and brochure design – together with the sensory experience of paper, finish and weight must all work in harmony.

Despite the onslaught of digital media, printed books and brochures will never fail to engage. We have designed many books on many subjects including architecture, environmental issues, packaging, photography, music, education, art and even sex for publishers including Dorling Kindersley, AC&B, Bloomsbury, Foleys, ICA, Rotovision, Booth Clibborn Editions, and even published two books of our own – Shelf Life and FormTwentyOne.

In the world of book and brochure design we have designed brochures, reports and prospectus’s for Goldsmiths University, Virgin Galactic, Taste Festivals, Media Trust, Arts & Business, International School of Basel, Olympia and Mount Stuart Scottish Estate to name but a few.

“From the word go I was hooked. I was now in the hands of experts who I feel are top of their game. Form listened to what I wanted and worked very closely with me to achieve the most fantastic results to reflect the same luxury and quality as the brands we were going to approach. Form created a work of art and are professional, fast paced and friendly and the creativity they bring to any project is prolific. The whole experience was a joy.”
Jane Porter, Director, Studio 104

“As well as the strength of their creativity and design, a key element that persuaded us to commission Form was their emphasis on a desire to work closely with the client to get a product right.”
Peter Luff, Art Director, Dorling Kindersley

“Their carefully crafted riskier strategy has been absolutely appropriate to the product which has been positively received and applauded by a diverse audience. Form in 3 words: Energetic, Ego-less and effective.”
John Smart, Bespoke Homes

“We enjoyed working with Form – they were clear, focussed, listened well and devised creative and effective solutions to a complex brief.”
Caroline Dhiel, Chief Executive, Media Trust

“We loved the way that Form were able to capture the essence of ‘energy’ through the artwork and lively design. We also found them extremely professional and efficient.”
Christine Lillestone, Insight and Innovation Manager, Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation

“Form are a dedicated, thorough and vibrant agency at the cutting-edge of design. Their commitment to our project and attention to detail instilled great confidence and we are thrilled with the end result.”
Lucky Dissanayake, Director, dakini Books

“We’re very happy with Form’s work on our prospectuses. For me personally this process has been a stark contrast to the experience I had with other designers (you make the amends that are requested, are always prompt at getting in touch, and are proactive in terms of looking at the designs and suggesting alternatives that may work better for the publication) – much less stressful!”
Jennifer New, Corporate Publicity Officer, Goldsmiths, University of London

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