Mental health campaign ‘blink’

We have just finalised a logo rework for mental health campaign blink – a new and forward thinking campaign that will provide rapid and professional peer support, when people need it most.

We were keen to help this not-for-profit organisation, given that over 700,000 people a year who are referred to the NHS therapies receive little or no help.

blink-mental-health-charity-form-designWhy “blink”? A good friend of the charity founders uses “blink” as a code-word with a family member to check in with him, and for times of crisis. If he needs help, he’ll simply text “blink” to his sister, and she’ll know to call. If she hasn’t heard from him in a few days and wants to know if he’s safe, all he needs to do is text her saying “blink, blink” So it’s one blink for help, and two blinks for “I’m okay”.

In simple terms, if you’re blinking: you’re alive.

They liked the idea so much that they decided to name the campaign after it. “We want to create a community of blinkers to help make a positive impact in the mental health world. For good!” says Blink co-founder Mike McAdam.

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