2020 Fever Tree Championships unseen

The landscape of live events has changed dramatically over the last few months, with Covid-19 and the resulting lockdown and social distancing rules putting a stop to many summer entertainment and sporting fixtures.

Tennis has also been hit hard with LTA announcing back in April that the 2020 Fever Tree Championships due to take place at The Queen’s Club, London from 15th-21st June was sadly cancelled (along with LTA’s other June summer grass court tournaments).

We had been working on the design of the advertising campaign and marketing materials for the event prior to the its cancellation, so we thought we’d share here what we’d been up to, as the whole team (LTA and Fever-Tree marketing teams, the illustrator, the animator and ourselves at Form) had worked so hard and were really pleased with the results.


Building on the success of the striking and colourful campaign we art directed and designed for the 2019 Fever-Tree Championships (which succeeded in attracting a wider audience and resulted in a record number of people attended the event), we briefed, art directed and commissioned a new illustration from Charlie Davis to accompany the existing set and introduced graphic elements from LTA’s new branding.

2020 Fever Tree Championships 1-A3-posters

The new illustration (above right) captures a group of Fever-Tree Championships tennis fans enjoying drinks and snacks, gathered court-side beneath the shade of an umbrella, and introduced a new view of the Queen’s Club venue – a scene we can only dream about right now mid-Coronavirus, but which we hope will be reenacted for 2021!

2020 Fever Tree Championships 1-A3-posters

fever tree championships Billboard-posters

2020 Fever Tree championships advertising Prog-cover-and-ticket

Key to the 2020 campaign is series of animations we art directed, which serve to bring alive the illustrations and create eye-catching social media assets.
(Animations by Tom Saunders)


One animation features a proud tennis champion holding aloft the famous Queen’s trophy, which glimmers in the sunlight in front of a cheering crowd of tennis fans.


Another animation shows two people ‘cheersing’ their gin and (Fever Tree) tonic!

A third animation (see top of this post) shows a pan across centre court with the crowd enjoying a summer day out.

We rolled out the designs across a wide campaign of digital, print and ‘Out of Home’ advertising as well as marketing materials, which were created to further strengthen the position of this historic tennis tournament as a key sporting event in the summer season through the use of distinctive, colourful illustrations and impactful design.

Fingers crossed they will see the light of day in next years event build up!

Discover more and see the 2019 Fever-Tree Championships campaign here.