@dontbethatsome1 road safety award.

Don’t Be That Someone is a not-for-profit organisation that informs young people aged 14-18 years about the dangers and consequences of drink driving, passenger responsibility and the effect drink driving has on individuals, families and wider communities.

On Wednesday the prestigious ‘Lynda Chalker‘ national road safety award was presented by Road Safety GB to “an individual or organisation who has contributed significantly to road safety in the United Kingdom” and DBTS are well deserving of that!

Form have supported DBTS’s tenacious founder Mike McAdam from the very beginning and indeed DBTS is more relevant than ever with news earlier this month that Drink-Driving casualties are up for the first time in 10 years, which Mike says proves the government are not doing enough: “Research shows that driving-safety attitudes of young people are established well before the legal driving age. They stem from the influence of role models and are based on personal traffic experiences. Because of this, more needs to be done to inform young people about the dangers and consequences of drink-driving before they start learning to drive.”

You can find out more about Don’t Be That Someone on their site at: