#FormTwentyOne book on sale

FormTwentyOne book


21 objects/21 stories/21 years.



It’s been a long time coming (21 years in fact), but on Wednesday the PUSH Print van pulled up with a ‘few’ boxes of our book. Since we started prelim book and exhibition designs last JUNE 2011, the book has taken some twists and turns as new ideas have changed the flow, and new projects have been added as we’ve been working with some interesting, dynamic clients in 2012.

This limited-edition, 5 colour individually numbered 52-page book celebrates Form’s 21st anniversary: 21 objects, representing 21 stories take you behind the work to reveal the people and partnerships which have made the last 21 years such a rewarding, rollercoaster experience. We have always enjoyed the collaborations and working with talented people and we wanted to record this so we sat down with journalist Jim Davies, and talked for a whole day on our shortlisted 21 objects relating to the collaborations which have been part of Form’s journey – from East 17 to Elbow, from Damien Hirst to Rankin – and everyone in between. The book also documents 21 years of changes in culture, music, art and design and technology. Artworks, trace overlays, Shoe gazing, Syquests, witnessing the birth of Britpop and Brit Art, representing British design to Japan, a lecture to 2,000 in Mexico, a misunderstanding with Joe Strummer, a 10 day sex shoot, emerging technologies and space tourism… we’ve tried to cover it all through specific stories, capped by Peter Robinson (Popjustice) writing the foreword – and he did such a great job in an overview that must have been very difficult to do.

We are launching the book at our private view on June 7th but it’s available to order for £21 (postage and packing extra) – please DM us your email address to and we’ll be in contact.


Everything’s moved so fast from our pass-on-press day at PUSH in May, and the the guys really have done the best job with the printing on Trucard Gloss / Rives Sensation (Antalis McNaughton have kindly acted as our paper sponsors) and has moved friend and printing/packaging specialist Daniel Mason (from Something Else) to email and say “This is the best example of solid areas of 4 col. Black I have seen. If there was an award for solid areas of 4 col. Black then it would win.” Praise indeed, PUSH.