Form create video website for SO Groups.

After creating the brand identity for the SO Group (major suppliers to the events & exhibition industry) we were commissioned to design and manage the build of a CMS website to help them stand out in their industry.

Our brief was to create an engaging and eye-catching site, but most importantly – simple – with minimum text.

Our solution was to create a homepage which delivers most of the content in video format – each box represents a subbrand, which enlarges to play a video – containing the equivalent information of an entire website – in the form of upbeat interviews and visuals. Much of the other content is drawn from Facebook and Twitter feeds and is therefore always current and fresh.

The customised Wistia video platform (with fully customised player designed by us and with thanks to the talents of our technical partners webstars) allows our client to collect stats on how many videos are watched and for exactly how long so we ensure maximum engagement with the user.

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Technical partner: webstars