Stone Roses secret Shoreditch gig

I never would have thought I’d see The Stone Roses in a venue as small as The Village Underground, Shoreditch. The sound bounces off the bricks and resonates brilliantly. No wonder Reni was loving it so much. Due onstage at 11pm, The Roses came on at half past with Ian saying “We just broke up again, but now we’re back together.” They came on to a huge applause, starting with ‘Waterfall’ and the band were as tight as ever.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear they were playing a full set, including a mesmerising 20 minute version of Fools Gold. Here is the nights setlist:
Don’t Stop 
Shoot You Down 
Fools Gold 
Something’s Burning 
Love Spreads 
Made Of Stone 
This Is the One 
She Bangs The Drums 
I Am The Resurrection

An absolutely brilliant night rounded off with meeting Bobby Gillespie. I think this is confirmation that I need to upgrade to an iPhone.

Posted by Chris Moore.