Estates East – Spring Collection campaign

For the past year we’ve been working with independent East London estate agents Estates East on their rebrand, and have just finished the umbrella campaign identity for their 2022 ‘Spring Collection’ which focusses on new properties coming to market in the current season. 

The creative route we developed combined a grafittiesque 3D script with heavy drop shadow, with hexagons – natures building blocks. We loosely created a bees honeycomb and over-layered the grid with textural effects using the Ee colour palette, introducing some skuzz and stripe infills from the brand tiles developed in the first phase of the identity creation. 


Key assets we have created include an animated gif for use on social media which ‘pop’ energetic colours within the hexagon grid.


We also designed images for this estate agents office screens as well as Instagram templates to introduce new properties as they come to market throughout the busy spring season. Each new property is presented with a border of the hexagon design.


We experimented with all manner of filter effects and colour blocks to create dynamic and unexpected colour combinations, which we left at design stage but liked them too much to leave out from this post! Here are two colour variations.